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Southern Nevada EAA Chapter 1300
3500 Executive Terminal Drive
Suite 285
Henderson, NV 89052

Dedicated to Preserving Sport Aviation, Fostering Aviation Education, Promoting Aviation Safety, Encouraging Young Eagles Flights, and Experimental Aircraft Building in Southern Nevada.

Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are usually held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month in the main downstairs conference room at the Henderson Executive Airport. Meetings are open to the public.

July Meeting

We would like to remind everyone that we will have our next EAA 1300 Chapter meeting on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. The meeting location will be at Hanger G4 at Henderson Airport which should a pretty familiar place for those of you that have attended any meetings in the last 6 months. For those that don't have a gate pass, access will be at Gate 15 at the south end of the airport, just before you get to Maverick Helicopters. Call 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314 to have someone open the gate for you.

We will start with a social barbecue at about about 5:30pm. We will be having Burgers and Brats and whatever sides get decided on between now and then. A $5.00 donation to cover the grocery bill would be appreciated.

The business meeting will be at 7:00pm. The two main topics for discussion will be the trip to Airventure and the Young Eagles event planned for October 23 this year. A number of people have volunteered to fly for the event, but we will need some ground crew also to help get the paper work done to get the flights organized and also supervise people on the ramp as they are going to and from the aircraft. The ramp duties are going to be quite important as we are going to have quite a few aircraft there.

There will not be a Young Eagles event at Pahrump this year. We were recently informed that the EAA chapter there just resumed having meetings recently.

June Meeting

Our next meeting will be this coming Wednesday, June 9, 2021. Clark County Aviation, or perhaps the TSA, will let us use the meeting room again if we wear masks 100% of the time inside the terminal. This is likely to be the rule until at least September 1 of this year. We know most of you are not going to be happy with that so we are having the meeting at hanger G4, Carlton Bailey's hanger. The pre-meeting barbecue will start at about 5:30pm for those that would like to participate, and the business meeting will start at 7:00pm. Access for those without a gate card will be at Gate 15 by calling 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314. If anyone needs directions to gate 15, call the first number. We will be having hamburgers with all the fixings, potato salad, broccoli salad and desert. We would appreciate a $5.00 donation to cover the grocery bill.

Topics for discussion will be Airventure in July and upcoming Young Eagles flights this fall. We would welcome any ideas for events in the future.

Elections for officers will be this November for 2022-2024. If anyone is interested in serving the chapter please let us know. Hope to see you there!


This is just a reminder that the next meeting will be our May Barbecue which will be at Rick Grafiada's house on our regular meeting date of Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Rick is building an RV14. We plan on starting at 5:15pm. The address is 10045 Gilespie St, Las Vegas, NV 89183, which is between Silverado Ranch and Cactus Ave on the west side of the street. There is a big steel gate that will be open for the meeting. We are going to have Hamburgers and Brats, with all the fixings, Chips, Devilled Eggs, Potato Salad, Watermelon and desert. There will be plenty of soft drinks and water. The Chapter has 25 chairs and we could use a few more for this event if some of you could conveniently bring a few. Hope to see you there!

April Meeting

This is a reminder that we are having our next EAA meeting on Wednesday 4/14/2021 at hanger G4 Henderson Airport at 7:00pm. Prior to the meeting there will be a social gathering at 6:00pm for those that would like to attend it. We will have burgers with all the fixings, potato salad and soft drinks. This is likely to be our last social gathering pre meeting as the restaurants are opening up again.

For airport access call 702-521-1840, or 702-496-8314

For the meeting we want everyone to think about having a traditional Christmas party this year. We did not have one last year and it is starting to look like we could have one this year if the membership is still interested.

March Meeting

Just a reminder that we are having another monthly meeting on Wednesday, 3/10/2021 at Carlton Bailey's hanger (G4) at Henderson Airport. We will be serving hamburgers, chips, potato salad macaroni salad, soft drinks and water starting at 6:00pm with the business meeting starting at 7:00pm. A $5.00 donation to the chapter would be appreciated to help pay for the barbecue. Ramp access can be had by calling 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314 at gate 15.

We would like to have a discussion about what we want to do as a group for the foreseeable future. So far the idea of having a social hour before the meetings has been quite popular. We would like to know if anyone would like to do anything different.

Pancake Breakfast Saturday, February 27

Just a reminder that there is another pancake breakfast this Saturday, February 27, 2021 at Hanger G5 at Henderson airport serving from 8:00am to 9:30am. Access will be at Gate 15 as usual and you can call 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314 to get in for those that don't have a gate pass.

This one will be the last one at Hanger G5. The tables and chairs will be moved to Carlton Bailey's hanger next door when this event is over. Carlton has graciously volunteered to host the EAA meeting at his hanger for the time being.

February Meeting

Just a reminder that there will be an EAA 1300 meeting at 6:00pm on Wednesday February 10, 2021. We are going to have Hamburgers, Chips, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad and whatever desert Misty Trombley brings. The business meeting will start at 7:00pm for those that would like to skip the pre meeting social hour. The Location will be at Hanger G5 at Henderson Airport. If you don't have a pass call 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314 for entry at Gate 15.

Pancake Breakfast Saturday, January 23

This coming Saturday, January 23, 2021 there will be another pancake breakfast at Hanger G5 at Henderson airport at 8:00 am. Serving pancakes will stop at about 09:30 am. You can hang around and socialize after that until about noon if you like. Gate access at Gate 15 at the south end of the airport can be had by calling 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314. A $5.00 donation would be appreciated to help defray the costs of the event. We don't plan on making any money. We would just like to provide an opportunity for all those that would like to attend to get out and meet some fellow pilots. The hanger will be heated for the event, but bring something long-sleeved anyway. We hope to have another pancake breakfast in February.

For all of you with compromised health, or those that think they may be ill, please do the responsible thing and stay away. We will look forward to seeing you in the future.

November Meeting

The monthly meeting will be at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 at president Rober Jones' hanger again (G5) at Henderson Airport. Anyone needing gate access at Gate 15 at the south end of the airport near Maverick Helicopters can call him at 702-521-1840 or Kathleen at 702-496-8314.

24 chairs were purchased that were approved by the membership and were used for the last pancake breakfast so we have about 30 chairs for the meeting. With the number that have been attending lately that should be enough.

There is no specific program for the evening but we are soliciting suggestions on what the membership would like to see. We are very interested in having the members tell us about their past trips and flying experiences, or how their airplane construction or restoration projects are coming along. If you have any ideas about how to make our meetings more enjoyable please bring it up at the meeting or contact Robert personally.

We hope to see you there!

October Events

On Wednesday October 14, 2020 we plan on having another chapter meeting at President Robert Jones' hanger G5 at Henderson. The last one was not very well attended with only about 9 people coming. Part of the reason was a lot of the membership was out of town. We received quite a number of email responses from people that indicated that they would like to attend the meeting but they were out of town, so we are going to try this one more time. The meeting will be at 7:00pm at hangar G5 at Henderson. Call 702-521-1840 as you approach the South gate (Gate 15) to get in for those that don't have a gate pass.

On Saturday October 31, 2020 we are going to have another pancake breakfast at Hanger G5 at Henderson airport starting at 8:00am. The last Pancake Breakfast had about 40 people attend. The fact that it was so popular is the reason we are having another.

Pancake Breakfast This Saturday!

There will be a Pancake Breakfast at Henderson Airport at Hanger G5 this Saturday September 19, 2020 from 8:00am to about 10:00am. For those of you without an airport pass, go to Gate 15 at the south end of Jetstream Drive. Call 702-521-1840 or 702-496-8314 when you get to the gate. Someone will come and open the gate for you. A donation of $5.00 for each person would be appreciated, but not required, to cover expenses. The menu will be pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee and orange juice. Robert Jones' RV10 will be parked in the alley close by G5 and Brian Aldridge's RV8 will be in the hanger waiting for the FAA to get it inspected. Anyone interested can look and ask any questions they want.

September Meeting is On!

After conferring with the membership via a recent poll and the board members, president Robert Jones has decided to resume having monthly meetings. However, for now we plan on meeting at his Hanger, G5, at Henderson Airport.

We are also planning on having another pancake breakfast at G5 on September 19, 2020. We will provide further details about that closer to the event.

For those of you who do not have a gate pass you can call one of us at Gate 15, which is the southern most gate at Henderson Airport. For those not familiar with how to get to Gate 15, turn off St. Rose Parkway on to Raiders Way (new name) south toward the airport. Turn left on Executive Terminal Drive, then make the first right turn on to Jet Stream Drive. When Jet Stream Drive makes a 90 degree turn to the left, the gate will be the next left turn. Call Robert at 702-521-1840 or call Kathleen at 702-496-8314 and we will get the gate open for you. To get to Hangar G5 from the gate, drive straight through the gate past the first row of hangers on the right. Make the first right turn available and drive straight ahead until you get to the last alleyway between two rows of hangers on your right, and turn right there. Hangar G5 will be on the right side. It is OK to park in front of hangars G4, G5, G6 and the hanger across from G5. If nothing is available any of those places, park anywhere you can and you can move your car if necessary for someone to access their hanger, which is very unlikely.

We are not planning on an official program, but Robert's recently painted RV10 will be outside just to the south of G5 and Brian Eldridge's RV8 will be inside G5. If I can get permission from Rick and Carlton you may get a chance to see Carlton Bailey's RV8A next door in G4 and the Cessna 175 that Rick and Carlton have been upgrading the panel on, as well as a huge amount of other restoration work as well.

We plan on keeping the business meeting as short as possible. The only new business we want to bring up is considering whether to buy some chairs for the chapter to be used for chapter events. The weather forecast says that we are going to have a high of 79F on Wednesday, which is hard to believe, and there is a large swamp cooler in the hanger if it is a little warm.

For those that chose to come, please bring a chair. We don't have enough chairs for everyone.

Please understand that we are not expecting everyone to come. We know that some of you have serious concerns about attending any kind of social gathering right now. Please do not feel any pressure to attend if you have concerns. We all have to weigh our own concerns about our own health right now and make whatever judgements we think are appropriate for ourselves. The reason we decided to have a face to face meeting is because a large percentage of the membership that responded to our poll wanted to. We are looking forward to when this current situation is over and things are back to normal. We don't expect that to happen for several months yet at the best.

Congratulations to our 2020/2021 Officers and Directors!

  • Robert Jones, President
  • Howard Curtis, Vice President
  • Norman Cruz, Secretary
  • Ralph Millard, Treasurer
  • Roger Hansen, Director
  • Kathleen Jones, Director
  • Erich Trombley, Director

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